About this blog

Well, what can I say about myself?

I go by the pseudonym “Inquisitor”, for various reasons to do with a liking for semi-anonymity but mainly because I’ve been using it for a very long time and I see no reason to stop. It’s from one of the better Red Dwarf villains of the week. It is not anything to do with an American tabloid web site, despite the various people who tweet at me thinking they’re getting the other guys on occasion (at its lowest point, the Westboro Baptist Church.)

I’m a software developer in Edinburgh. I vote, but am currently unaffiliated.

My favourite album is Low-Life by New Order; I have a weakness for excellent albums with serious flaws. I listen to a lot of electronic music, along with rock and some modern classical, which can be seen on my last.fm profile. I also very much like 70s Bowie.

On the other hand, I can’t identify favourite films – I love so many, I can’t decide. I can’t even decide on favourite directors, apart from maybe Kubrick. And Wes Anderson. And I don’t hate Marvel. And…

I’ve been attempting to write for a very long time, and need something to keep my thoughts in order. So basically, this blog is an outlet for my thoughts on pop culture, writing, odd Internet links, various geekery and occasionally talking about something personal or political. Hope you like it.

This was formerly The Hard Sell, which was a reference to some of my unpublished fiction writing. The new name puns on a Roger Waters best-of album, and acts as a pointer to the new focus on media.

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