Blast from the past – Live 8 blogging

[I’ve decided to repost from the old blog the series of articles I posted on July 2nd 2007, the day of the Live 8 concert in London, today – Live Earth day, 7th July 2007 – with additional right-aligned snide comments for your pleasure.]

(15:30) Live 8 blogging #1: Pete Doherty wrecks T-Rex shock

[Inquisitor is blogging Live 8 from the perspective of an Edinburgh citizen watching TV, unable to post important letters because the Post Office has blocked up his nearest post box and is closing for a local holiday on Monday. So sit back and enjoy!]

Elton John just described Pete Doherty as a “young talent”. One of these words is wrong, and if you know who Pete Doherty is it’s not too hard to work out which one.

Pete Doherty really does look rather ill, doesn’t he? And his stage antics are somewhat… stale. Has he gone back on the drugs again? It’s a surprise he’s even managed to turn up on time…

[As it turns out, he had. Elton put him on rehab, he went back on the crack, rinse and repeat.]

Anyway, back to Wimbledon: it’s all shit for the next hour, until REM come on (and even then, that’s only because they’re doing The One I Love). After that, it’s all shit until Travis come on, and that’s only because they’re apparently going to do a version of I Don’t Like Mondays with the Bob-meister himself – this could be the funniest thing since their cover of Baby One More Time, and I’ve got the VCR ready for it.

[Sadly, it wasn’t.]

Other highlights: Snoop Dogg (dear God, I hope he swears profusely, it wouldn’t be a live concert event without it), Sting doing Every Breath You Take for the first time in several years, Paul McCartney, and the Floyd.Oh, yes, the Floyd. There is no way in hell I am missing the Floyd, and neither should you. (Besides, the two-person Who before it could be… interesting.) See you later…

(18:08) Live 8 blogging #2: Bollocks…

…Venus Williams won. I thought Lindsey Davenport deserved it for her first two sets, and the way she was handling that all-out assault in the third… Still, it’s not that bad, at least Venus was playing extremely well (from the second set tie-break onwards), so congratulations to her.

The problem with Live 8, musically, is that all the interesting acts aren’t doing the British concert. Pet Shop Boys are in Russia, Bjork was in Japan, the Cure and Muse are in Paris, Brian Wilson and Roxy Music (avec Eno) are in Berlin. There is good news, though; Duran Duran are in Italy. The London gig has Paul McCartney and the Floyd, but that’s about it. It may make for good ratings to have several hundred Coldplays and Robbies, but it turns me off and I’m sure it turns others off too.

[Duran Duran are at Live Earth, and were ruddy terrible at the Diana concert.]

And I mean, come on, UB40? For crying out loud. (I didn’t even know they were still going…)

More blogging for the Floyd. And maybe even before.

(18:40) Live 8 blogging #3: You knew it was going to happen…

I’m pretty sure I just heard Snoop Dogg let off the F-bomb at 6:30pm in the evening on national TV. Worse for him, it was a MF-bomb, accompanied by multiple other words that Ofcom don’t take too much of a shine to.

The BBC really should have got in a ten-second delay and a beeper, for his set if nothing else – especially since the Floyd are definitely not going to replace the shit in “Money” for love nor.

6:40: And there’s two definite MFs now! Wonder what Geldof’s going to have to say to Ofcom…

[Ofcom let them off, but censured them – both for this and for Madonna’s later on.]

(19:15) Live 8 blogging #4: Nice stunt, Bob.

Also, it gave you a good excuse to wheel out the Cars video again, even if it was just to end up as a link into Madonna.

We can go on all day about the morality of Live 8, but I won’t; I’ll leave that up to the rest of you (it’s notable that this is splitting the UK lefty blogosphere down the middle). All I can say is that I hope it’ll do some good, which is all that can be done; cynicism or no, you have to have some hope.

And coming up: Snow Patrol, the Killers, Joss Stone, Scissor Sisters and (barf) Velvet Revolver. By 9pm, I might well be well enough to start blogging again, unless something else catches my eye.

(21:19) Live 8 blogging #5: Added a white band now

Somewhat late in doing it, but…

Velvet Revolver. Umm. Not nearly as bad as they could have been, but just so unmemorable.

Next up: Sting. Followed by Mariah, doing various awful recent tracks, and then the unassailable Robbie (no matter how much you try). Post-Robbie, the fun begins: Who, Floyd, and McCartney…

…and ooh, Message in a Bottle sounds really good, actually. How odd. If he keeps playing Police songs, we’ll be fine…

[Sadly, he didn’t then. He does now though.]

(22:51) Live 8 blogging #6: FLOYD ARE NEXT!!! NEXT!!! NEXT!!!!!!

And the Who were surprisingly OK.

Don’t look away…

(23:32) Live 8 blogging #7: I’m speechless…


They’re practically pensioners, they haven’t played together since 1981, the non-Roger section hasn’t played the songs since 1994, and THEY STILL HAVE IT.

And Roger and Dave hugged at the end; which, considering their history, is really quite something.

Well, Paul McCartney was and always will be a Beatle, but he’s going to have to try really really hard to top that… why couldn’t they have had an hour, Bob?

Thankfully, VHS will preserve this moment at least for a few years. I may be remembering it for a lot longer. Please, God, let them tour…

[Sadly, they didn’t.]

(Next day 17:11) Live 8 blogging #8: No postmortem yet

That’ll wait until the end of the G8 conference. There is really nothing more you can say about it until we see whether or not it’ll have any effect whatsoever. Apart from saying, of course, that Pink Floyd should tour as a matter of urgency…

The Americans, whose only TV source of Live 8 was MTV (get off the air!) are somewhat annoyed because they went straight to a commercial break in the middle of “Comfortably Numb”. I don’t blame them at all. Quite, quite sad…

It is also notable that the US and Canadian legs were the only legs with less watchable (but much more popular) bands than at Hyde Park, although that’s soon to be topped by the Murrayfield leg – the best we’ve got is the Proclaimers, and that really does say it all. Worse, we’ve got a Bedingfield; even worse, it’s Natasha. A disaster in the making?

[Yes, it was. Natasha’s at Live Earth too. Bugger.]