Oh, I’ve changed the look again.

This time it’s a bit prettier. I’m still too cheap to shell out for anything more than a custom domain, but at least this one can have a snarky tagline. Hopefully it’s an improvement, and if it’s not it’ll probably get changed again soon.


To be improved: July 2017 playlist

This blog has not been very regularly updated at all. I simply haven’t been able to write all that much; my only things being rare Twitter contributions and live-tweets of events I particularly like to do that with (namely: Eurovision).

But I bring to you a midyear Spotify playlist in tribute, and hope that it leads to more:

This is not perfect by any means, but does contain a number of the best songs of the year so far (as well as some that just sort of fit). Hope you enjoy.

Completing 2016

This has been one truly terrible year. One of the very few even vaguely redeeming bits has been the music, so therefore there is a final playlist of the year above.

We’ll see how 2017 goes.

Let’s start again

I started The Hard Sell as a way of trying to write more often, and it was a success for a while. Like so many other things, it fell away when I went into full time employment; but also out of ennui at my own and at the general British political situation.

I have kept up tweeting, mostly, but Twitter isn’t really conducive to long form discussion. And I feel that’s been hurting the writing that I do in my spare time.

This blog has been defunct for a surprisingly long time. I feel that it’s probably time to bring it back, but with some differences: mainly, the new version of the blog has a distinct purpose. I intend to post media reviews, discussion of things that I find interesting, pieces about writing, and probably some more of what worked best on the old blog.

I want to have a way I can get used to writing again, and I feel that this may well be it.

The revamped blog is called Flickering Frame. A restyle focused around the new name will be forthcoming; I will not be removing or editing any old articles, but the new ethos should be happening from now on. I intend to post at least once per week and should post more often. It’s time to start again, and see what may happen – and I hope that those who read me will find it worthwhile.

Let’s start again, and do it right.

I can apparently add polls now!


WordPress.com didn’t tell me about this one. And it doesn’t do transparency properly. But, oh well, it could be a bit of fun…

Eurovision 2008 liveblogging

Arse, Twitter’s down. So I’ll be liveblogging here for you all.

  • (19:57) Trailer break on BBC1.
  • (19:58) An apology over last year’s Making Your Mind Up. Wow. Nice black screen they’re using for these. Shame it didn’t affect the outcome, really.
  • (19:59) It’s here!
  • (20:00) The Confluence of Sound, according to Wogan and the title screen.
  • (20:01) They’re showing translations on the Virgin Media standard subtitles this year! YES! And that Serbian lady’s cleaned up a bit…
  • (20:02) Prayer/It burns my sore lips like a fire…
  • (20:03) Twitter’s back up, so I’m over there. If it goes down again, see you again here.

New look

Haven’t switched theme for a while, but this one looks a lot less clashy and readable than the last one. Advice welcome.

It’s not perfect, but then what is?

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