Let’s start again

I started The Hard Sell as a way of trying to write more often, and it was a success for a while. Like so many other things, it fell away when I went into full time employment; but also out of ennui at my own and at the general British political situation.

I have kept up tweeting, mostly, but Twitter isn’t really conducive to long form discussion. And I feel that’s been hurting the writing that I do in my spare time.

This blog has been defunct for a surprisingly long time. I feel that it’s probably time to bring it back, but with some differences: mainly, the new version of the blog has a distinct purpose. I intend to post media reviews, discussion of things that I find interesting, pieces about writing, and probably some more of what worked best on the old blog.

I want to have a way I can get used to writing again, and I feel that this may well be it.

The revamped blog is called Flickering Frame. A restyle focused around the new name will be forthcoming; I will not be removing or editing any old articles, but the new ethos should be happening from now on. I intend to post at least once per week and should post more often. It’s time to start again, and see what may happen – and I hope that those who read me will find it worthwhile.

Let’s start again, and do it right.

I can apparently add polls now!


WordPress.com didn’t tell me about this one. And it doesn’t do transparency properly. But, oh well, it could be a bit of fun…

Eurovision 2008 liveblogging

Arse, Twitter’s down. So I’ll be liveblogging here for you all.

  • (19:57) Trailer break on BBC1.
  • (19:58) An apology over last year’s Making Your Mind Up. Wow. Nice black screen they’re using for these. Shame it didn’t affect the outcome, really.
  • (19:59) It’s here!
  • (20:00) The Confluence of Sound, according to Wogan and the title screen.
  • (20:01) They’re showing translations on the Virgin Media standard subtitles this year! YES! And that Serbian lady’s cleaned up a bit…
  • (20:02) Prayer/It burns my sore lips like a fire…
  • (20:03) Twitter’s back up, so I’m over there. If it goes down again, see you again here.

New look

Haven’t switched theme for a while, but this one looks a lot less clashy and readable than the last one. Advice welcome.

It’s not perfect, but then what is?