Embrace – “World At Your Feet”

It's terrible. Diabolically awful.

You're the first in my life
To make me think
That we might just go all the way
And I want you to know we're all hanging on

There's worse to come: 

They'll come and yes they'll try
To break us down
But we know that we'll never lose
If we keep moving forward and don't look back

Now, I thought the worst metaphor we were going to get was the title, but this is just taking the mickey now.

And then, to cap it all off, there's the chorus: 

With the world at your feet
there's no-one you can beat
yes it can't be done

[Embrace, "World At Your Feet", the official England World Cup 2006 song.]

You probably expected it from the title (I mean, come on) but there is absolutely zero excuse for lyrics like that. Compare World in Motion…

Express yourself
Create the space
You know you can win
Don't give up the chase…

[New Order, "World In Motion", the official England World Cup 1990 song.]

Now, doesn't that just beat the crap out of the Embrace song?

OK, so it's not exactly Dylan, but actual anthems don't need to be. "World At Your Feet" is not anthemic; it's Coldplay-lite with louder guitars and without any of the lyrical talent. As an anthem, it is a failure; as a song, it is a disaster. The FA should be ashamed. Shoulda given it to the Kaiser Chiefs, shouldn't they?

Funnily enough, this is possibly the first time in ages that I've agreed with the majority of posts on a BBC Have Your Say thread. Guess the song really is that bad.


14 thoughts on “Embrace – “World At Your Feet”


    Even non-football fans are already singing THE HIGHEST HIGH by ADAM BOSTOCK.

    It’s been compared to Robbie Williams singing a Lightening Seeds song backed by The Doors. It’s a far more rousing song than Embrace’s World at Your Feet which is a rather dispassionate song and uninvolved. Embrace is an unusual choice to front a football song given their fairly somber mode of delivery but when all’s said and done the one we’ll all be joining in with will depend on ultimately the most rousing and singalongable tune, not whether the band singing it have the backing of the FA, who after all run football very successfully but one wonders who makes the musical decisions. Perhaps it was based on the fact that Embrace have a large following.

    As for Justin Hawkin jingoistic attempt to incite our fans to remember the war and go out fighting. Well.. it just beggars belief. He clearly needs to court controversy to get attention which is sad. Time to move on and realise that Football is only a game albeit one that makes a fortune for many and runs some people’s entire thoughts and behaviour.

    Let’s give them all something to sing about. I reckon even the foreign national soccer teams might even join in with The Highest High.

    To hear The Highest High and purchase official merchandise please visit:


    The Highest High is due for release from Matchbox Recordings.
    Adam Bostock is lead singer for Bristol based band Saturdays and Sundays.

    David Oliver


  2. You know what – even though this is a press release, I’m going to let it through. Some of your comments are worthwhile.

    I don’t think the FA manage football well, however – have you read any of Sean Ingle’s articles for Guardian Unlimited? They go into great detail about where the modern game’s going wrong and what it can learn from rugby union. In fact, I’m going to blog about his most recent one soon enough…

  3. The Stan Boardman song for the world cup is soooo much funier and better
    Oh we’re all going to Germany for the Cup
    Oh we’re all going to Germany for the Cup (yee-ha)
    Oh we’re all going to Germany, we’re all going to Germany
    Oh we’re all going to Germany for the Cup

    Singing ay-yay-yippee-yippee-yay (clap three times)
    Singing ay-yay-yippee-yippee-yay (clap three times)
    Singing ay-yay-yippee,
    the Germans bombed our chippy,
    ay-yay-yippee-yippee-yay (clap three times)

    Some of us are going on the plane
    Others from Dover on the train
    A few of us with women
    The rest of us are swimming
    But we’re all gonna get there just the same

    We’ll be drinking German lager in the pubs
    we’ll be dancing and singing in the clubs
    and there’s forty lads from Huyton
    who said they won’t be fighting
    so there won’t be any need for boxing gloves

    Singing ay-yay-yippee,
    the Germans bombed our chippy,
    ay-yay-yippee-yippee-yay (clap three times)

    Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin
    we haven’t got a ticket to get in
    so we’ll take a pick and shovel
    and dig a massive trundle
    and smuggle through inside a wheelie-bin (hee hee)

    Carracher, Rooney and Gerrard
    these lads are tough and very hard
    and when they’re in a battle
    they won’t shake or tattle
    and they won’t get a red or yellow card

    we’ll be taking lots of banners and some flags
    there’ll be thirty lads with ASBOs wearing tags
    and when it’s all over, we’ll be heading back to Dover
    so don’t forget the 30, 000 fags

    Eins, zwei, drei, vier, funf..

    Singing ay-yay-yippee-yippee-yay (clap three times)
    Singing ay-yay-yippee-yippee-yay (clap three times)
    Singing ay-yay-yippee,
    the Germans bombed our chippy,
    ay-yay-yippee-yippee-yay (clap three times)

  4. totally agree embrace r rubbish stan boardman all the way, creates a well beter atmoshphere thn world at ur fett or wateva its called

  5. I think all those people who are dissing the World Cup Song, ”World At Your Feet” are just plain deaf. I thin the song is amazing, the best one we have seen, and Embrace have done such a good job.

    Not only is it well linked to the world cup but also to all those people taking exams this time of year. It is a good inspirational song, saying you can do it, whatever happens. I think it rocks and people need to stop dissing it.

  6. Loyalist: Knock it off. He has a right to comment, just as you do, no matter how wrong you might think he is. Let’s not go into petty insults over a poor song, OK?

  7. That Embrace song is dreadful..its mournful not uplifting. Their first album wasn’t too bad, but they have become a third rate Westlife with guitars. Yuk.

  8. world at your feet is too politically correct, no mention of ‘football’ or ‘england’ could be a song about anything. no where near as good as 3 lions or world in motion. The name of there group ’embrace’ sez it all, thats why the FA picked them to write a song about england football club, leavin out words like england not 2 offend any1

  9. Well, I've just deleted my first comment, I'm afraid to say. Chris Shendo, if you're even reading this: I don't mind you posting a link to your own WC song, and at least the cash is going to charity, but I don't want it posted under a somewhat misleading link in order to hike your pagerank. Sorry, but it had to be done.

    (The reason I didn't give you the benefit of the doubt is because you've done the same on other message boards, as a quick Google will tell you.)

  10. i like the stan boardman song!! just got back from tenerife and thats all they played wen england were playing, really catchy song!!

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