Beyond obscenity

Fundamentalists! Worried about the 'blasphemy' of The Da Vinci Code? Wondering how best to beat up people who go and see Jerry Springer: The Opera? Now, how about putting your moronic talents towards something that actually deserves it?

Living TV, unfortunately popular home of various crappy psychic series, "woman centred" sexploitation programming (e.g. the appalling Extreme Makeover) and CSI repeats, is putting on another crappy psychic series in which various psychics attempt to "solve" famous murder cases by, get this, summoning the murder victims on air.

Yes. Really. Dear God. 

Now, it might just be me, but isn't that just the most tasteless thing you've ever heard of? It's exploitative, it's useless and it's just bloody wrong. I've seen Visitor Q and thought it was a decent satire, but this is just beyond the pale; what's worse is that there's more than enough viewers for this junk. Ugh.


One thought on “Beyond obscenity

  1. Nothing that comes out of Hollywood or any of its’ cousins surprises me anymore. I became numbed-for-life after the WHO’S YOUR DADDY? show that had one miserable episode and, thankfully, failed.

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