HOWTO: Softmod your Xbox

It’s easy and it’s quick and it works surprisingly well, although you wouldn’t know it from most of the tutorials and forums out there. So I’m going to add one more to the pile – the way I did it, and how to replicate my findings.

[Update 8th May 2007: a video going through this guide is now available on YouTube. Thanks Ben!]

You need:

  • an Xbox (quite easy to get hold of, new or second hand)
  • a memory card (the hardest bit to get hold of)
  • Action Replay/Xploder/GameShark/etc. USB to Xbox memory card converter
  • the original version of “Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell” (£2 or less second-hand at your local Game, GameStation or pawn shop, not any of the sequels, some “Platinum Hits” or similar versions may not work)
  • Halo 2 or a later Xbox Live game
  • or your favourite Xbox-containing torrent site
  • few hours download time, about 10 minutes modding time
  • the content after the break

The Xbox is a low end PC in a nice black-and-green box, with a PIII CPU and a small hard drive. It’s legacy free and it’s heavily locked down with checks in order to make sure that only Microsoft signed code runs.

The reason we can remove this lockdown is that a few games companies wrote bad saved game routines. By putting a “special” saved game onto the Xbox, we can cause the game to crash and give control over to an unauthorised piece of software, which promptly has full control over the rest of the system, can flash the BIOS and then install its own “dashboard” on top of the Microsoft one.

I’m assuming in this tutorial that you’re not going to use Xbox Live, because I’m not. If you are, make sure to sign onto XBL before you run the mod; you’re going to need it. You need an “Ndure” mod if you want to use XBL; thankfully for you, the one I’m about to describe is such a mod. Plus, I am in the UK, so this tutorial will be PALcentric.

1. Get the software

If you like BitTorrent, as I do, connect to mininova or your other favourite torrent site and run a search for “auto installer deluxe”. This should get you, as it does on mininova right now, the two packs with the highest number of seeders – currently v3.0 and the v3.01 “update pack”. Download both and extract them to different directories.

In the AID3 extracted directory, go into Tools, then PC Tools. Install DVD Decrypter, you’ll need it later. Note that the Tools directory contains the softmod files; the one you want is “SID 4.5 NKnave Edition”. This you get to later.

AID isn’t necessary for a modded Xbox, but it does make things a whole lot simpler to install XBMC with skins and your selection of emulators. We’ll skip AID updating right now, which I’ll describe in a different article, and go straight to the modding.

2. Updating the box

Go to Settings>Network Settings, plug in your network cable and either configure it manually or DHCP it. Test the connection. If it works, excellent.

Boot Halo 2 or your later XBL game. Once you’ve got it up and running, select “Xbox Live” on the main menu. This will update your Xbox and then tell you you don’t have an account.

You should at this point have dashboard 5960 – you can check from Settings>System Info, and wait for the version number to scroll by.

3. Modding the box

Getting the official Xbox memory card nowadays is pretty near impossible. Either you pay through the nose to Gamestation or wherever (£25 for 8MB? No thanks) or risk it on Ebay. I bought an 8MB Thrustmaster clone card, sealed in original packaging, from a respected Ebay shop seller for £6.50 (including postage and packaging); delivery in two days from ordering.

Next, you need an Xbox to memory card converter. If you buy Action Replay or a Mega X-Key or the full Xploder solution, you get a memory card in the box so you don’t need the above step; these are getting much harder to find, however. I got the Xploder Lite, which doesn’t include the card, for £5 from a local

Check your memory card in the Xbox controller (Memory>Controller). Install the relevant software on your PC, whether Action Replay or Mega X-Key or whatever from the original CD. For Action Replay, you can just drag and drop the saves from the “SID 4.5 Nknave Edition” folder (from AID, as mentioned above) into the memory card section in its software.

Xploder has a slightly more complex process. It appears to be the UK branding of a US product called GameShark, and it takes the special SID GameShark files (also supplied, in its own folder).

The folder
You need to copy the file “SID45.NK.Launcher.gsx” and whichever one of the other four corresponds to the game you’re going to hack with – in my case, “SID45.NK.Loader.SplinterCell.PAL.gsx” – to the Xploder saves directory for it to show up in their software. This installs to “C:\Program Files\Fire International\Xploder GameSaves”, and you need to copy them to the Saves directory below that:

The GameShark/Xplorer saves folder
Once you’ve done this, you can start the Xploder software, select the two saves from the list on the left, and copy them over.

Xploder window

Now you’ve copied them over, you can remove the memory unit and go over to the Xbox. Go to Memory, select the unit, then move to each of the two games in turn, click on them (A-button), and copy them to the Xbox hard drive.

Now connect your network, Connect, and load Splinter Cell. Skip past the intro. Select “New Game”, then “Linux”, then “Check Points”.

Your Xbox will now take you to the Softmod Deluxe menu system. What you do now is follow the instructions – select “Backup/Restore Features”, and tell it to make backups – first of the EEPROM, then of the MS Dash. Go back to the first menu, select Install Softmod. Go for a Dual Boot with Knave’s Ndure – it’ll mention “open tray=retail”. It really doesn’t matter which dash you select at the next menu – I went for UnleashX, but others may prefer Evox.

Let it install, following all prompts. Do not reboot your box at any time – if it seems to have hung, it’s probably just unzipping the big “Shadow C” image file. When it tells you it’s going to shut the box down, let it do so; the box will restart, booting into your new dashboard. Eject Splinter Cell before continuing, and let it do its second-stage installing.

Soon, you will be at your dashboard’s main screen. At this point, your Xbox is modded – you can now FTP to it using the client of your choice (username xbox, password xbox), and start installing software on your E drive. Alternatively, you can use the AID disk to do so. In the meantime, here’s a picture of XBMC in action on my new box:

XBox Media Center playing Ladytron.


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  1. Sure thing. When you obtain “Auto-Installer Deluxe” from any of the torrent sites above, it’ll include a software directory – the “GameShark” software supplied in the package is simply a rebranded version of Xploder’s GameSaves and will work perfectly. AID also supplies Action Replay, DVD Decrypter and the other niceties you’ll need for Xbox modding.

  2. Very nice to see a simple and useful tutorials for people living in the UK, well done. My broadband has download limits therefore I cannot afforrd to downlaod the files from the torrent site. Please could you email me the Splinter Cell Xploder gamesave used for softmodding? han_dyng <at> yahoo <dot> co <dot> uk

    [Edit by Inquisitor – spamguarded this commenter’s email address for his own protection. Replace symbols as needed.]

  3. I’m not in a place where I can obtain that particular file right now (being in Germany on a university link), so you’ll have to look for it elsewhere. Sorry about that.

    There is a similar-but-different softmod that appears to be web downloadable here. Most of my instructions should still apply to this one, but read this guy’s notes very carefully. YMMV.

  4. i have already softmodded my xbox and have the xbox media center and all but still cant go online with my dsl modem , my modem works effortlessly with my ps2,is it the network settings or do i need something else thanks

  5. Well, it depends on whether you’ve installed XBMC; you can follow my other guide to do that. XBMC has a load of decent-to-merely-not-brilliant documentation at that will generally help you through the process. Check your network connection too.

  6. this site does not help me i have been to 20 diffrent site non of them help me its the same with this site to these sites do not tell u where to get the programs or the saved game? u need to make a video!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Billy:

    Usually I just hint, for obvious piracy-related reasons, but it’s all on the torrent site (as mentioned in the checklist), search for “auto installer”. Get the latest complete version.

    I also don’t have the equipment to make a video, sorry.

  8. OK be silent all critics!!

    This worked first go for me! took a while to download but the actual mod took 10min!!!

    congrats on an excellent tutorial

  9. Like. I have an american AR (Action Replay) And I know how to transfer all the files onto my memory card. It’s just the sheer fact that my linux SUCKS the files are corrupted. I need the SID 4 installer and the SID 4 linux files in order to make it all spiffy and new. So the rest is cake for me then, I just need thoose files. Can you provide a link, maybe?

  10. I got the mods and all put in my xbox and they work, BUT. I cant get my xbox to connect to Xbox Live Anymore! x.x Please Help!

  11. I don’t use XBL, so I can’t help you, sorry – I pointed this out in the tutorial. Try booting to retail (boot the xbox by ejecting the tray rather than the power button and waiting until the MS dashboard shows up) and connecting from there.

    Also, check the relevant xbox-hq forums, where people much more knowledgable than me about AID/SID will be able to help you.

  12. ok i have a softmodded xbox and i have been to many many sites trying to find the download for xbox media center and to find out everythign i need for it and all i was wanting to put it in the applications any help would be very greatly appreciated

  13. ok.. i went there and found a whole bunch of xbmc’s i downloaded one and when i downloaded it i downloaded it to the desktop but its not zipped it just looks like a file do i just ftp that to E:/apps/xbmc?

  14. im sorry for asking these idiotic questions but yes that it what it says on the desktop “xbmc.torrent” so i guess i need to download a client then redownload it and unzip it? srry bout the trouble thnx for the help

  15. also when i softmodded my box it has trainers with games but i dont know how to use them or what they do or anything i was wondering if you could explain?

  16. ok well i hope this will do you have been very helpful now i just got a couple more questions then i will be out of your hair….
    alright right now the client is 80% done downloading now when it is done do i just ftp it from utorrent (client im using) to E:/apps/xbmc…..or do i have to do anything else when its done sownloading in the client?
    alsol,the trainers i could not get to work like there was a whole bunch for halo2 and i enabled them and turn a whole bunch of them on and i just turned on halo i didnt go on live i just went to a custom game and hooked up another controller but it didnt do anything it was just the same i dont know if you know anything about geting them to work i just figured i would ask…

  17. o ok i just found where it was zipped at in the client alright so now do i put the xbmc on the box still zipped or do i have to unzipped and then put all the files over there?

  18. Once it’s downloaded, unzip the .zip/.rar file (whichever it is) and ftp the xmbc directory inside (containing a default.xbe) to the E:\apps\XMBC location (so it boots from E:\Apps\XBMC\default.xbe, with all the XBMC skin/codecs/etc directories underneath this). You should be then able to start it from the dashboard of your choice.

    As for trainers: I don’t know, sorry.

  19. thank you GREATLY!!!
    lol just one more thing follow these last will make it wont make it my new dashboard right?

  20. Nope, it won’t be your dashboard unless you specifically set it up to be, which isn’t the set of instructions I’ve given you. I can’t actually remember how to make XBMC a dashboard – I’m several hundred miles away from my Xbox right now – but you should be able to read the instructions that come with the last several XBMC releases that describe how to do it if you want to. Else, it starts up fairly easily from any other dashboard.

  21. I went on over to Xbox HQ and they coulde’nt help me with my problem. I fear I’ve done somthing wrong. I can access the weather and all that with XBMC and it knows theirs a connection there. It just wont let me on XBL. But when I uninstall the softmod. XBL Starts just fine. Hm. I’m starting to think I did somthing wrong.

  22. Make sure you’re using the 4.5 (or later) softmod and using the dual-boot option, accessing XBL only after hitting the Microsoft dashboard. If that doesn’t work, try a different softmod – Krayzie Ndure 1.1 apparently works quite well.

    Can’t help you any further, I’m afraid; I’m not a Live user.

  23. Ok Inquistitor im srry i couldnt post again yesterday i lost my whole internet and everything so i could not even try the xbmc till today cause im using flash fxp……anyways it didnt work…..i put default.xbe in the apps folder next to DVD2XBOX and Dongle Free…..when i put it in there it came up as a file and not a folder….but i just dragged the rest of the media center files over to it and let it download and it just made a file next to dongle free and dvd2box…….i reset and tried it like that and it said there was a fatal error….i know u told me to put the files under the default.xbe but it didnt put it in there as a file so i couldnt…..plz help me im so close

  24. *******the media center files i dragged to default.xbe downloaded as a folder not a file next to dongle free and dvd*********

  25. Under the Applications folder, create a folder called “XBMC”. Within this folder, copy all the files and directories that have been unzipped from the xbmc rar – usually the following (copied and pasted from the XBMC manual, which I recommend you look at)

    default.xbe, \credits, \language, \media, \skin, \system, \visualisations, \sounds, \screensavers, \web, \UserData.

    All these should be under the E:\Apps\XBMC directory. You should now be able to start XBMC by booting the xbox, going to “Applications” in your dashboard and clicking on “XBMC” or “Xbox Media Center”.

  26. ok…im gonna go into apps make folder call it xbmc then put all the files in that folder correct?where do i put default.xbe?

  27. ok…im gonna go into apps make folder call it xbmc then put all the files in that folder correct?i just put all the files along with default.xbe in the new xbmc folder i just made….it didnt even show there was an app….so do i have all the files under xbmc and then have default.xbe right there in the apps folder too?

  28. ok im REALLY happy your helping me but i just got that fatal error again… gonna tell you everything i did from the begginnning….
    alright first i downloaded the xbmc then i unzipped it to a folder i called “xbmc unzipped” then i opened E:\apps created a file right next to dvd2xbox and dongle free called XBMC i installed all the files under that (everything that was unzipped to “xbmc unzipped”) then when you go into E:\apps\xbmc you see xbmc unzipped so i put default.xbe right in that directory with the file containing the unzipped… you have flash fxp?maybe you could look in and fix what i did wrong or tell me whats wrong so i could fix it?

  29. i moved default.xbe out of all the files and deleted it from all the other files cause u only need it outside of the files right? because when i put it in with them and i go to my apps it doesnt even come up with xbmc

  30. also, if it matters at all im using the unleash x dashboard should i be using the evo x?
    and i look at the tut but i didnt understand….

  31. OK, I think we might have a bit of confusion here.

    Most of the current XBMC torrents (which I can’t access right now, I’m on a heavily filtered German university connection) have two folders within them. One contains a special default.xbe for booting XBMC as a dashboard – the other is XBMC itself. You want the thing which is XBMC itself, ignoring the dashboard boot file.

    So, for example, I’ve just found a T3CH release of XBMC on a Polish website (probably not for long). Opening the RAR, I see directories “_tools” and “XBMC”. Opening the “XBMC” directory, I see a set of further directories (credits/language/media/screensavers/scripts/skin/sounds/system/UserData/visualisations/web) and a 6MB default.xbe file.

    It is *this* “XBMC” directory that should be copied to the Xbox as E:\apps\XBMC – completely as is, so that the default.xbe is at E:\Apps\XBMC (or, indeed, E:\XBMC might work for some dashboards.) So you’d use FlashFXP or SmartFTP or similar to copy this XBMC directory, which you’ve unzipped, to /E/Apps/XBMC.

  32. Oh, and just to add: you need all the other directories there too. Check out the XBMC installation article I wrote earlier, too.

    Once I get back to my Xbox, I’ll put up a slightly better installation guide.

  33. ok im downloading the new one now… my question is after its done and unzipped and what not i have a folder on the xbox with the two other apps so i will drag and drop the new unzipped version into the XBMC folder (next to the other 2 apps) then i will open the XBMC folder and place the default.xbe right there in the directory under the 3 apps folders correct?

  34. I return to Britain at the beginning of September.

    Yeah, just copy the files exactly as they come when unzipped from the .rar – just move the XBMC folder extracted from the RAR to WITHIN the E:\Apps folder, i.e. to E:\Apps\XBMC, leaving the contents completely intact.

  35. ok i just deleted the previous xbmc that was on there so now ill try this one….itll take probably like ten minutes or something cause im doing it wirelessly…ill let you know what happens…..

  36. ok ive got a problem i deleted all the previous xbmc stuff and now when i go to put the new one on there it wont ftp it

  37. well, with the default.xbe in with the other files when i go to apps on my xbox xbmc does not show up just the other two……

  38. ok umm if youre still there….i just got the picture it was kind of broken up i couldnt make it out at first so the xbmc folder goes under the xbmc app then, the tools and text documents go under that?

  39. If you want – you don’t need either (the _tools directory simply contains the files needed to make XBMC your dashboard, which you don’t need, and the text files are simply help material.) You just need the XBMC folder.

    Ah – just worked out why you could be having issues, XBMC needs to be added to your unleashx menu system (it might not autoupdate). Follow the instructions given in this thread (you should be able to easily find the unleashx config.xml – it’ll be in the root of the C or E drive.) Once that’s done, you should be able to boot it.

  40. ok i dont understand that text code stuff…im not really that good so what do i have to do go into my file explorer on the xbox and do something or do i need to use flash fxp for something im still kinda stuck

  41. Basically what you need to do is use FlashFXP to copy the “config.xml” file – UnleashX’s configuration file – from the root of the Xbox E-drive (shown as /E in the FTP server) or C-drive (shown as /C in the FTP server) to your computer, depending on where it is your softmod’s dumped the dashboard. Open the file using Notepad (right click on it, select “Open With”, select Notepad) and change it so that after the tag it looks something like…

    <item Action=”E:\Apps\XBMC\default.xbe” Icon=”c:\icons\xmbc.png”>Xbox Media Center</item>
    […the rest of the file as is before. Don’t change anything else.]

    Recopy the file to the Xbox, overwriting the original, and reboot. You should see XBMC at the top of your UnleashX items list.

  42. ok i got the cofig.xbl but it doesnt look like how you posted…..can i send it to you and you could edit it correctly for me please?

  43. ok thank you got the file nowill show you how the files are set up and let me now if its correct…..
    E:/apps—–going here shows DVD2XBOX,Dongle Free,XBMC. double click XBMC goes to….
    E:/apps/xbmc/—–now it shows xbmc folder…..go into that folder….
    E:/apps/xbmc/xbmc/——it now shows all the files i.e. ,languages,scripts,skins…etc…also in there is default.xbe………….ok so is that right or do i have to change something?

  44. The files need to be in E:/apps/xbmc, not E:/apps/xbmc/xbmc – this is why it’s not being autodetected. There only needs to be one layer – so default.xbe is in /apps/xbmc, and all the folders are also directly under /apps/xbmc.

    In other words, yes.

  45. o ok i think i just got it….when i go under the application XBMC and it has the folder (xbmc containing the required files) i need to move default.xbe from inside the required files folder to the directory that lets you go into and look at the required xbmc files right?

  46. ……so i dont have a folder under E;/apps/xbmc that contains all the required files i just put the default.xbe and languages and skin and all of those other file directly under E:/apps/xbmc/……?

  47. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    omg it worked, thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much i have wanted this for sooo long….. ok i was wondering if you can download music and videos and stuff like that because i heard you can and if you can could you tell me what i need to do?

  48. You generally use XBMC to play back content stored on another PC – say, your desktop machine has a bunch of shares containing MP3s and AVIs you’ve “obtained” from ripping CDs/DVDs and/or the file sharing service of your choice. It can of course play DVDs/CDs etc. itself, and you can get script collections (downloadable using XBMC itself) to make it download Quicktime trailers or YouTube movies or similar. It’s a very versatile piece of software.

    The XBMC documentation at is thorough with regard to this part of setting up; there’s four different ways you can actually make the files on your PC available to your Xbox, but in order of easiness to set up it seems to be iTunes library sharing (nothing other than music, though)/XBMS (fairly easy)/UPnP through Windows Media Connect (I’d recommend this one, looks suprisingly simple to set up)/Windows File Sharing (the guide for this hasn’t been cleaned up yet, unfortunately, so another article will be on the way).

    Glad to hear it’s working. Enjoy it.

  49. ok that works fine…now i was wondering i never changed the config.xml because i figured i would try and see if it worked just after putting the files in the correct spot now should i still change the config.xml or does it matter? because when im in xbmc i can go to movie trailers and they will load so i can see them but when i downlload them i cant play them….so i dont know if they are even downloading or if they are downloading but going to the wrong spot or something i dont know i just figured i would ask to see if i should change the config and maby that was what was wrong..?

  50. lol also emulators ive looked all over all i want is the super nintendo one so i can play super mario brothers….so if you know where i could get the emulator maby u could link it ir find it because i cant find it!!!lol i already have the roms just not the emulator

  51. 1. Check XBMC audio settings: the volume control is in there.
    2. The emulator you want is ZSNEXBOX; the current version is 2.9, but a download of 2.8 is here. Unzip this ZIP file to the directory “E:\emulators\ZSNEXBOX”; install the same way you did XBMC, and it’ll become available through XBMC My Programs>Emulators or through your dashboard of choice. ROMs go in the ROMs directory under the ZSNEXBOX directory.

  52. Assuming you made all the backups (as per the instructions), simply go back into Splinter Cell as you did when you did the softmod, reload the Linux game and follow the “Remove Softmod” options list. Read the Softmod Deluxe manual, which you should have from the torrent.

  53. Thanks ive followed ure tutorial and softmodded my xbox with the evox dashboard now i want to use xbmc and emulators but dont have ftp so would like to know how to make an AID disc and then what to do next.

  54. kourris: Your wish will be my command when I get back to Britain – it’s one of the articles in the queue waiting for checking with my desktop system and actual Xbox.

    bill: No problem.

  55. Ok, can someone email me SID45.NK.Launcher.gsx and SID45.NK.Loader.SplinterCell.PAL.gsx

    plz, for some reason azureus and any other torrent program usually doesnt work, i have broadband, but right now its downloading at 2.4kb/ps and thats fast for now lol.

    and thanks, i was thinking i was going to have to get an action replay because this stupid gameshark doesnt work

    email: patchyprojects <at> gmail <dot> com

  56. Check that you’re not firewalled off: a good torrent program will do that (the “port checker” in Azureus, for example, will tell you if packets are ge tting through in the port of choice.) If you’ve got a NAT router, you’ll need to open the ports through the router if you want to use BitTorrent speedily – Azureus’s wiki has good instructions wrt this, I seem to remember.

    I’ve added spambot protection to your email address, simply for your protection – if email is needed, please simply replace the stuff in with the obvious symbol.

  57. ok inquisitor since youve been so much help i was wondering if you could help again i just now got around to downloading the zsnesxbox emulator now i cant find any roms…do you know where some are or could you leave a link? thnks

  58. The answer is, as is normal for any stuff that is grey area, to search a torrent site. If you search thepiratebay or mininova for SNES right now, I’m sure you’ll find something in the list.

  59. i have copied the files to my xbox’s HD and i tried to load the checkpoint for splintercell and when i click on check points it just stops the music is still playin but i cant move the cursor or anything so idk if its still loading or what but its been like 10 minutes since tried to load the check point any ideas?

  60. also the files i copied over were the sid 4.5 launcher and the sid 4 splinter cell pal file that has a linux_ profile in it that is all i transferred over to my hd on my xbox so maybe i did something wrong

  61. Your save games might have been corrupted – delete them from the Xbox hard drive and the memory card, go back to the PC and try again. Remember to transfer *both* of the relevant Splinter Cell PAL (or NTSC if you have a US box) games – loader and launcher – to both the card and the hard drive; you need both.

  62. i have the software now i jus need to know how to extract the files can u please help me out with this jus give me the steps of how to extract them that would greatly be appreciated thanks ‘_’

  63. It’s simply that the update packs are supplied in patch form – so in order to update, you have to run the patcher supplied within the original pack and point it at the update pack. So it’s best to extract them in different places – say extract one as C:\temp\aid300 and the other to C:\temp\aidpatch or whatever.

    You really don’t need the updates to AID anyway for the softmod files, just the plain v3.0 will do – the patches update and add extra applications to the AID CD that you can boot after you’ve modded the box. It’s useful if you need a one-stop emulator shop, though.

  64. Help!!! man this is like real difficult i extracted the files and now im tryna put in a file where i can transfer it to my memory card and it keeps sayin that its not a valid game can u please tell me the steps or just plain send an already finished file that u have to me

  65. It depends on the game you’re trying to boot and the type of USB-to-memory-card cable you have. If it’s Action Replay, you use the Action Replay software – which is basically “drag the relevant .zip file to the memory card” simple. If it’s Xploder/GameShark, as it was with me, you follow the tutorial exactly as above – copying the .gsx files to the software’s saves directory and sending it over.

  66. nevermind im soo stupid everything works just fine but i have one more ? to ask … how did u get that xbmc dashboard on ur xbox cuz i really think thats sweet

  67. also i wanna kno why it keeps teollin me that a network link couldnt be created … i dont intend on going onlne with this modded xbox

  68. I think that the “network link” error depends on your dashboard.

    If you want to install XBMC you’re either going to have to link the xbox up in your local network so a PC can FTP to it (unzipping any obtained XBMC file to the relevant directory, as described in some of the comments above), or you can use the Auto-Installer Deluxe disc – apply the update patches (read the PDF documentation carefully), burn the ISO using the DVD Decrypter supplied with the AID torrent, boot it on your xbox and follow the “Install XBMC” prompts. That usually works quite well.

  69. also what websites would i go to put like n64 emulators an how would i go about tryna put it on the xbox via action replay mem card or would i need to burn it on a cd a install it that way

  70. You can’t do it with Action Replay. Again, the best way is to obtain the emulators and then FTP the emulators and the relevant ROMs to the xbox; you could also install the emulators off the AID disc (which also contains them) and then simply copy any ROMs from burned DVDs to the hard drive using the XBMC (or any other dashboard’s) file manager.

  71. I have modded my xbox but how do I mod my games because I REALY REALY REALY want to can u tell me here or email me my emait is cooldafabio < at > o and 1 more thing do I need my xbox hooked up to a computer and yes I am a BIG noob at this.PLZ HELP!

    [Inquisitor edit: email address spamproofed]

  72. Not many games are actually moddable; there are “trainers” (cheats) that can be used through XBMC or another decent dashboard in conjunction with games (most XBMC installs right now include lots of these), and I think you can do things to the Halo games, but really that isn’t done much.

    You don’t need the Xbox hooked up to a computer unless you’re doing things that need to be done with a computer (eg. streaming media with XBMC from network shares, installing new software or updating it by FTP.) Else, your mod stuff will work fine without the connection.

  73. why wont the xbox let me copy files to the hard drive? only shows delete and not copy
    i am using a thrustmaster memory card with an xploder gamesaves lite,and i copied the saves over ok to the program files. any help much appreciated

  74. hey man i have a ? about the xbox not accepting the mod program and what to do about it because right now i just have it plain because i uninstalled the mod program

  75. can someone plz tell me how can i access my gam,e saves becouse i got rid of the blue xbox dashboard with all the options and i dont no how to go on my game saves if u no can u email me om pakiplaya_1 <at> hotmail <dot> com

  76. usman: Depending on your dashboard, you should be able to find some method to boot the standard MS dashboard – if you’ve modded it using the method described in the article, you can boot the MS dashboard by using the EJECT button to turn the Xbox on rather than the power button.

    Also, I use XBMC as my main dashboard, and if you go to exit XBMC it gives a “dashboard” option that on my box at least seems to go direct to the MS dashboard; other dashboards will probably give similar options.

    john fabien: Not sure about your problem. Try transferring the save again (deleting both the trigger save and the large file that contains the hack itself from the Xbox and the memory card before doing so) and giving it another go. Make sure you’re transferring the right save – there’s different Splinter Cell saves for the NTSC (US/Japan) and PAL (Europe/Aus) versions, and you need to transfer the big loader file as well as the save for the game of your choice.

  77. You can, yes – Auto-Installer Deluxe (which the softmod I describe above comes as part of) is a burnable ISO of various emulators and dashboards that boots on a modded Xbox. You can add ROM packs and other stuff to the AID DVD-R using their utilities (read up on it on their forums at xbox-hq) or once the emulators installed use a file manager to copy files across from a standard disc. Lots of choices.

    FTP to a different computer is still the best option, though.

  78. ive already got roms and emulators and some skins downloaded and im using cd-r to install them now Question is how do i go about doing that

  79. hey guys ive modded my xbox and have a evox dash but i cant get on xbox live anymore but wen i uninstall it my xbox can go on live straight away!! plz help i wana go on live (im a modder) i used 2 just have a linux installer and a linux profile and just go through splinter cell to ftp my xbox but thats not perminent i want to have emulators and stuff. so can someone tell me how to get back on live with my modded xbox

  80. Paul – from what I understand, MS will ban you from XBL if they detect you using a modded xbox, so typically, mods block connections to it and expect you to boot from a retail bios to do so. (I don’t know how possible it is to switch with soft-mods – probably not easy – but hardware mods typically have a way of allowing the user to do this, so this reason).

    John – if you’re running a modded xbox, just try burning them to a cd-r as normal files and see if a file manager on the xbox can see them on drive d. Be aware, however, that the drives in the xboxs vary in what they’ll ‘see’, so it’s a bit hit&miss – FTP is much simpler once the initial setup is done!

    General: Inquisitor’s been doing a fine job with the tutorial & then the support, but he’s just one person, so also check out Google and the forums & tutorials at xbox-scene!

  81. Thanks very much, Gwyn.

    Coming soon: an updated version of this, by far the most popular post on this blog, with full screenshot tutorial and possibly even low-quality video. Now Xboxes are being dumped by the crate load, it’s good to have this information available.

  82. Inquisitor, that’s all very interesting and I trully admire your patience ;-)
    I’ve got one question though that’s quite important.

    At step no2 “Updating the box” you state that by running XBL or Halo 2 we can update the dashboard to 5960. My question is why is it so important for the dashboard to be so current? Older dashboards will not accept the changes or somehow crash the system???
    My problem is that I have dashboard (& kernel) 1.00.4817.01 and there’s actually no way to update it because there’s no XBL and “Halo 2” doesn’t do the job by itself. Unless my dashboard was even older before I run “Halo 2” (didn’t check before I run the game) and the game just updated it to the current (1.00.4817.01) version.
    So, what can I do? I will not be able to run the process? Isn’t there some kind of a patch I can use to make it happen?

    Thank you very much :)

  83. AFAICR, the softmod I used as a demonstration only works on 5960.

    The idea is to run Halo 2 and then select the “Xbox Live” menu option in game – this logs onto XBL, but actually will update your Xbox before doing so.

  84. this was great! One question…

    everything worked fine…when I finished the softmod, I went into settings/network..and nothing is there now! It simply goes back to the main screen…help!

  85. i still dont get it. my freind said there is an unlisted sight that tells u evey thing u need to know. if yo know it plz reply anyone because i really need to know it because he wants to keep it a secret.


  86. ali g: Uh, I don’t know any unlisted site? Check xbox-hq/xbox-scene/any of the other xbox modding fora out there. I don’t exactly know what your problem is…

    michael: Sorry, can’t exactly see what your problem is – which dashboard are you using? I use xbmc and don’t have any issues, so that might be a good one to go for.

  87. Like dazz above I cannot copy from the memory card onto the xbox hdd – I only get a delete option when I select a file on the card.

    Unlike dazz though, I’ve not resolved it?

    Any ideas?

  88. i,ve installed linux on my xbox connected to evox and tried to download the unleash x dashboard but it came up with a error that said: Batch

    blah and so forth i didnt mess up it just wont install the dash board or i think their called the emulaters wont for me any suggestions please tell? i still have the mcdashboard to so i no its not fucked

  89. splinter: The xbox UI is a bit of a pain with regard to this – I got caught out by it too. You have to highlight the small circle underneath the name, not the name – this represents the actual game. Yes, I know that’s confusing, but that’s the way Microsoft designed it.

    TFK albino: Not sure what your problem is here. Can you ftp to your xbox when you’re running evox? UN/password usually xbox/xbox. If you can’t boot evox at all, might be worth trying one of the many boot CDs (like AID) to see if that works, and installing your dashboard of choice off that.

  90. i can ftp my xbox but i can’t install a dashboard here is the exact message it tells me.

    batch process failed
    the last item was:.
    action: rename

    someone said check in c drive on my xbox for a funny looking name and change it but im to scared that i mite mess it up and also where can i get a boot cd (like AID) from anyway ive also have some mods i put on it but i want the dashboard so i can play the new killtrocity modded maps on halo and does any body no the the map signature for relic i need it to sign my modded map so i can ftp it to my xbox so it will read it. if you can help heres my e-mail it really would help me alot.
    if any one has aim email me so i can recieve files alot quicker than email for the (5960) dashboard.

  91. thanks…

    here’s an update

    1. Softmod worked fine!
    2. I cannot ftp into the box–not sure why…..
    3. EVOX works great, but I want XBMC….I loaded it via a DVD, but it just boots into EVOX

  92. hey im just in the process of gathering all the materials…..but how easy is it to find ‘back up’ copies of my games and play them on the Xbox.



  93. I am getting a normal xbox for xmas as I have a 360 and I am going to mod it all I wanto to know is if I follow this will this allow me to sofmod on halo 2 live?

  94. re xbmc not found have you looked in applications you might find its installed it there,
    for splinter
    make sure you highlight the gamesave with the keypad and then it lets you copy it over move keypad over to the right to do this its simple obvious but not printed anywhere for those of us that havent used a memory card before

  95. Very nice job on the tutorial and follow up support. I read this entire post to be sure this wasn’t asked already, and was wondering if anyone can help me.

    Anyone know where I can find a copy of the original MS Dasg file, or would be kind enough to back up their original C: and aim it to me please.

    I modded my box awhile back, and all was well except I had to uninstall the mod to play live.. it worked but was bad if the disk I had ever failed (I had to use it to uninstall and re-install everytime I wanted to play my backup disks).

    Then I decided to upgrade to a mod that used the duel boot system that used an alternate dash to connect to live, which I did and all was well until I tried to restore my MS backup. Something went wrong and now my original MS DASH is gone.

    I have googled and read for two days now, and any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

  96. I meant MS DASH in my last post.. sorry… it’s late.

    One more question: I can’t figure out how to get new game saves on my machine… can I just update a new mod via FTP or am I stuck with this mod version until I get the original MS DASH BACK?

    Many thanks!

  97. Sorry about the lateness in answering these – I haven’t had a net connection over the weekend.

    alx: easily, if you must (although xbox games are so cheap nowadays there really is no point in pirating them.)

    XBOXliver: Do you have the Auto-Installer Deluxe disc? There appears to be a set of options on it to reinstall the MS dash (also to reformat the hard drive etc., but since you have Xbox Live this could be an issue.) Burn the AID disc using dvddecrypter/imgburn, boot it on your Xbox and then look under “Dashboards” – please look at the manual etc. for help here – and you might get somewhere.

    TFK/XBOXliver: AID can be obtained through BitTorrent as described above (mininova has 3.1 currently, with a bunch of seeds.) uTorrent is the best Windows client; Azureus the best cross-platform one.

    Can’t help any of you Xbox Live people much further because I don’t have it, unfortunately, so I advise looking at xbox-hq/xbox-scene/various other xbox modding fora you get by googling.

  98. I did everything in the tutorial above but when i do the halo 2 trainers they dont work. cud u guys help me out here plz. i was reading these tings on how to launch em and they said i had to dl a launcher for it. and do i need to dl xbmc?

  99. No, you don’t need xbmc, but it does act as a fairly easy to use trainer launcher: see here. Evox also has a trainer launcher built in, and with others you can use the Xored Trainer Launcher from a torrent over at maxconsole.

    You should be able to get more and better help from their relevant website forums, which mostly seems to be over at xbox-scene for the relevant dashboards.

  100. need help cannot find a utorrent for help on renameing my batch file or where to find it either someone if you have the same problem tell me or if you no how to fix the problem its in the first post under tfk albino above with the batch rename crap

  101. tfk albino: Mininova’s search appears to be screwed right now, although it has just worked through searching for “auto installer”, but go to Games>Xbox and you’ll find it under “Auto”. Go for the 3.10 with the most seeders. It is there. You may need to sign up to a tracker to get it, though.

    Once you’ve downloaded that, all you need to do is use imgburn or the included DVD Decrypter to burn the large ISO file to a DVD-R, which you can then boot on the Xbox. Everything’s pretty self explanatory after that.

    I’m afraid I have absolutely no idea what this batch file error actually is – try going for one of the dashboard file managers? Usually options to rename etc. can be found in obscure menu systems on one of the lesser used controller buttons (it is in xbmc’s file manager, anyway.)

    ethen: I’m not quite sure what your problem is here – try making sure your cables are connected and your network configuration is correct in your dashboard (most offer testing, eg. XBMC weather and RSS feeds.)

  102. The torrent comes supplied as a large set of .rar files – use WinRAR to extract.

    You don’t really need multiple torrents anymore, since there is now a AID 3.1 version that doesn’t need patching – this article was written in the AID 3.0/3.01 era, where 3.01 was supplied as a patch to 3.0.

  103. I had the same question as above and now would like to know what excatly is AID and how to get it.
    I am a noob so please reply with a simple answer that is easy to understand.
    thank you.

  104. Auto Installer Deluxe (AID) is a bootable DVD for the Xbox which allows for the installation of software such as alternate dashboards, Xbox Media Center (XBMC), emulators, Linux distributions and so on. It also comes bundled with the software modification for the Xbox that I describe above, and the tools in order to deal with it, in order that you can use the AID disc to further configure your newly modded box.

    You can get it through the BitTorrent site described in the article (, using a good BitTorrent client like uTorrent. Simply install and set up your client, go to mininova and search for “auto installer”, and open the .torrent file in uTorrent and the AID disc will install.

  105. were can i find the xbmc’s file manager can i find it in the flash fxp when i ftp my xbox does any one no any really good tut for dot halo that gives you all the basic info for what to do for projectiles, fully auto guns, skinning, flying warthog, and how to shot objects out ur gun. im tring to make my own mods.and if any one wants to see them give me a holla on xbox live my account is xBTx albino or my email in the other comment above.

  106. Well, you can obviously use FlashFXP (through an ftp connection) to rename files on your box, or by going into “My Files” in XBMC and using the Rename command from the white-button/menu-button menu system. The DVD burner should be on your computer or connected to your computer, and only needed if you wish to boot AID (in order to create the disc that you can boot on your Xbox, which only reads them). If you don’t have a DVD burner, you might have trouble because most Xboxes don’t read CD-Rs.

    For the other stuff, and even with this, I would really recommend going to xbox-hq/xbox-scene and hanging out on their forums for a while to get used to the way these things work.

  107. I didnt really use this site to mod my xbox but now im thinking I probley should have. Anyway I resently modded my xbox and it was going good at first and then I dont know what happend. I just turned my xbox on and all the sudden I have no dash at all. Im not sure what happend but I cant really do anything with my xbox anymore, the only thing that seems to work is if it has a game in it before I turn it on it actually works but I cant access my dash anymore so even if I wanted to I cant changed date,time I cant even get online at all with the console anymore. So if anyone has a solution E-mail me or something otherwise im screwed.

  108. By the way my e-mail= death666death69 [at]

    but besides e-mailing me post a comment Ill be adding this site to my favorites to be checking back.

  109. I would try a bootable disc like Auto-Installer Deluxe (mentioned a lot here) or Slayer’s EvoX, both of which can reinstall dashboards to your HDD. You can find either by llooking on mininova or thepiratebay.

    And I would definitely recommend posting your query over on xbox-hq (AID side) or xbox-scene (Slayer’s side) or any other decent xbox-modding forum you can find on Google, so the actual experts there can have a look at it…

  110. Well I was hoping maybe that there was a type of software I could just put on a disc or some kind of tool to install on my xbox to restore the MS Dashboard. Have you heard of anything like that, or relativily easy because Im no genious with this stuff.

  111. inquistor can this be the problem that i need to find the ee prom that i backed up in my a b c d e f g files in my hard drive and find it the eeprom and delete it and find some to send me one that works. im talking to some one bout it right now but i dont want to send my xbox to him.

  112. T33B4GMaSTeR: That’s what either of the discs I recommended will do: AID definitely contains the MS dashboard in a simple Install Dashboard/MS Dashboard/To C: form, and I’m sure Slayer does too. You burn them to a disc using DVD Decrypter or ImgBurn and boot them on your Xbox, and follow the menu tree.

    If you have a softmodded Xbox, don’t use Slayer, use AID instead; if your Xbox is hard modded, either will do fine. You can find AID’s .pdf manual by Googling, although be warned it’s a bit dense.

    tfk albino: I’m afraid I haven’t a clue with regard to this, sorry. I’m just a guy with one Xbox that works well.

  113. The Xbox is softmodded, I cant belive I left that out but the thing is that im not sure its modded anymore because when I turn it on all it says is xbox microsoft but I discovered something else when i was playing a game I found out that when my dash got deleted everything did all my music xbox live and game saves but thats not what im worried about I just want the dash back so I dont mean to bother you with these stupid questions because I know it gets annoying hearing the same questions over and over again but I dont understand I tried both sites you gave me but there was nothing really about my situation I could really find

  114. Hmm. Sounds a bit odd, as if you’ve had a hard drive crash. Does the xbox display an error code at all?

    Once again, the AID disc will do a complete reformat/reinstall of the system if that’s necessary.

  115. When I try to sign onto Halo2 I select xbox live then it says cannot connect and I select start trouble shooter then it goes into a screen saying service required call customer support but thats all of anything that comes close a error code that I know of but anyway could you like send me a link to this AID tho reformat the system cause I think It’s the only thing that might have a chance of working

  116. If you can send that link I got a new e-mail account it is

    T33B4GMaster [at]

    exactly like that I dont think it matters if you cap but make sure you get the #s in the right spot

  117. As described above, you simply need to use BitTorrent. Download a bittorrent client like utorrent (Azureus if not on Windows), go to, search for “auto installer deluxe”, load the torrent file you get (for v3.1) in your torrent client and let it download.

    I really would recommend posting this query on an xbox forum other than here, especially AID’s own one here, and asking the people there that probably know a lot more than me.

  118. OK I think that’s all I need thank you for all of your help I’ve already posted at a site called and I will let you know if I get it fixed.

  119. OK, nvm I’m not done with the questions I have the auto installer yet I guess I dont know what to do with it cause I put it on a disc then the disc into the xbox that didnt work well, can you give me a play by play on waht to do?

  120. You need to burn the .iso file you’ve downloaded using a tool designed for burning ISO files – imgburn is a good one. The ISO file is an image of a disc and thus needs to be read using a program designed for such things (and not just burned to the root directory). Just load imgburn, send it to the .iso file, and burn to a DVD-R – Xboxes have problems with CD-Rs, mine won’t read them – and it should load OK. If not, your mod’s damaged in some way and you might have to go for one of the harder solutions, which I don’t know how to do.

  121. Now everytime I try to write the file to a dvd-r using imgburn it tells me there’s some sort of error, but I’m thinking the solution to this problem of mine if over if I can figure out this last problem but for tonight I gtg I have to get up ing 5 1/2hrs for school, responed asap.

  122. Hi, I have 2 xboxes – one bought softmodded with avalaunch dash, but has XBMC.

    “nd one, new (£50 Argos sale) softmodded using your method.

    Can I FTP XBMC folder out of Xbox 1 and into Xbox 2 ? I have successfully FTD’d it to my PC from box1, can it go straight to E:|apps|xbmc on xbox2 ? or does it contain settings that are unique ?

  123. Dazzer: Yes, you can – all the xbmc settings are machine-independent. You’d be best, however, to put on your xbox the latest T3CH version – it’s a lot better at certain codecs, especially H.264. All the xbmc settings are in the \xbmc\userdata folder on newer versions; in older versions, there’s also a few .xml files in the root directory.

    T33B4GMaSTeR: Are you trying to burn the .torrent file or the .iso file that uTorrent downloads? Other than that, I can only suggest trying a different image burning program, i.e. Nero (load the Burning ROM application, click Recording>Burn Image, locate the .iso), and asking for help elsewhere.

  124. Don’t worry bout that anymore that was like 3 days ago today I actually got my autoinstaller to the dvd-r, and it’s working on my xbox! but I dont want to mess anything up so you thing you could tell me how to do this so I dont just make the situation worse.

  125. I do have one more questuion, before I’m done with the internet, I dont know if you can help me but ill ask anyway so my xbox can save games to the hard drive but it doesnt seem to work for halo or halo2 or any xbl games for that matter but it worked for my friend, how can I get this to work?

  126. Aslo when i select capy game disc when halo2 is in the disc tray it says

    “An error occured while copying D.
    Error Code: 112

  127. I’m not having much luck with modding Xboxes. I bought an Xecuter chip and tried to install it in a Version 1.0 motherboard (full solder holes in the LPC) and managed to graunch the connections……scratch one Xbox.

    I got a working xbox from Ebay (version 1.4, empty LPC holes) installed the Xecuter chip, but ended up with a box that won’t get past the FRAG…..scratch two Xboxes.

    So I got yet another working Xbox off ebay and decided to try soft modding. As I’m as thick as a Whale Omelette I did a lot of searching for advice and found your very useful site.

    I’ve got an original CD of Splinter Cell
    I’ve got AutoInstaller Delux
    Got a copy of Halo 2
    Got a memory card
    Got Action Replay

    But I don’t understand about connecting the memory card to the PC. How do you do that? I’ve got Action Replay but no idea how to use it. You mention Drag & Drop the SID 4.5 files onto the Memory Card section, but when I try that I get a ‘No Entry’ icon, probably cos my Memory card is not connected.

    So how do I do that?

    Steve….aka ‘Thicko the Thick’

  128. Steve – you drag and drop the game saves from Windows Explorer to the ‘Save games on PC’ window and from there drag and drop to the ‘save games on Memory Card’.

    Before that you need to make sure that you can see the memory card when you attach it to the pc. try attaching and removing it and you should see it appear/disappear in the Action Replay memory card window.

  129. Yes I was. It’s coming. I’m a bit busy with near-deadline work right now, but there’s a draft in my vast pile that just needs fixing up and it’ll be going up soon (a supersede to the current XBMC article.)

    Maybe later today.

  130. Did you ever have trouble with the xploder running out of space?
    I bought the xploder and everytime I copy things over it complains the 8mb memory is out of space. Very strange.

  131. No, I’ve never had this problem. I used the Xploder Lite, however, which required me to buy a memory card – I got a “Thrustmaster” card off Ebay and it’s always worked fine for me. The mod files are about ~5MB, so it’s probably best not to have anything else on the card when you try to copy them.

  132. Hi there. I’ve been using the UnleashX Softmod for about a year now. and im still as impressed as ever. I plan to install XBMC as an app, and i have a question. I have a few “backup” xbox games on my PC’s hard drive. Now with XBMC’s file browser, will i be able to run the backups off my computer? If so that would so majorly kick ass.

  133. Edited due to: completely misread comment. Doh.

    Uh… off the Xbox hard drive, yes. I think a network’s probably too slow to actually load a game over, though.

  134. I don’t know why you keep on being hit by my spam filter, btw, sorry about that.

    The xbox’s hard drive is really just a standard 3.5″ UDMA133 drive, which are going very cheap right now – ebuyer (ugh) have a Seagate 250GB drive for £49 right now, and opening the xbox is just a matter of the right torx screwdriver. It’s best to be chipped rather than softmodded if you’re going to go into drive upgrading, however, and if you’re on Xbox Live it’s a no-go. Google “xboxhdm” for more – good looking tutorials on xbox-scene.

    The reason the Xbox can’t stream games over a network is apparently because it’s single-tasking – the game won’t be able to talk over SMB, so it would just go down horribly. If you are on xbox live and so on, your best bet’s just DVD burns or individually ftping games whenever you need them, which you can do with any dashboard.

    I’m not interested in pirate games, just emulators and media, so I’m just fine with 8GB as it is: I stream media through SMB and ftp across emulator ROMs, and since I’m only playing a few games at a time it’s perfectly alright for me (besides, there’s >4GB of space for ROMs even with a few custom soundtracks on there – fits a lot of SNES games). Other people’s tastes may differ, and that’s what the upgrading tutorials out there are for. It’s just not for me.

  135. A question. Can a softmod X-Box HD be used as a master to image another HD which will then be placed into an X-Box ready to go softmodded????

  136. I’m not really qualified to answer this, but xboxhdm – a minimal bootable Linux distribution for modifying Xbox hard drives – can be used to load a ndure softmod onto a previously unmodded hard drive (through a hotswapping procedure), as well as upgrading softmodded hard drives (by a direct file copy). I would assume that you can’t do a direct copy between two xboxes, though – for a start, the drives are locked with a key based on the box’s serial number, xboxes that look identical might have different kernel versions and so on. People who know more on xbox-scene et al might be able to let you know.

  137. Grrr crud i just typed a masive msg and then i clicked submit and i forgot to place name so i had to restart :P
    well anyways great tut it was relaly clear and precise
    ive been doing some research over the past week and i just got a couple fo questions.
    1.If u softmod my xbox can i burn games to my xbox and then not have to use the cd to play them.
    2.i downlaoded the bit torrent file of auto installer and its gonna take 6 days to do the torretn thing si that normal. ive go slow internet connection.
    3.With XBMC to install do u sfotmod than u just follwo the same process and then just load it onto ur xbox like you do to a normal computer cept using the moded controller usb thing?
    Umm soz bout being really formal and stuff wid the Questions. But u did a kik ass job >:)
    Cheers from your little aussie modder Nato >:P

  138. 1. It’s possible – google “dvd2xbox”. You won’t fit many games on a 8GB hard drive though – I recommend just using the discs (or DVD-R copies if you’re anxious about disc damage.)

    2. If you’ve got a firewall or router, make sure your bittorrent port is forwarding through correctly – it’ll run very slow if you can’t get incoming connections. See

    I recommend utorrent as a client, or Azureus if you’re on any non-Windows operating system. Make sure you’ve got the AID torrent file which is most recent and has the most seeds.

    3. The memory card is only for softmod loading – it’s useless for anything else.

    Once you’ve softmodded you can plug your xbox into a local network and then load XBMC to the modded hard drive through FTP – read my installation article for more. Or you can install it off the bootable Auto-Installer Deluxe DVD-R, but it’ll be very out of date.

    Hope this all helps.

  139. cheers for your reply ur fast :P whats advantages of u torrent compared to my bittorrent? and im on windows XP
    cheers Nato >:)

  140. ohhh and adding on to my last reply… what is an average kb/s for a dial up connection mines going around 1-4

  141. lol soz im full of q’s today umm i was just reading soem previous posts from bill and was wondering once i mod can my xbox read burnt cd’s and dvd’s cause i cant normally read them lol plz answer the three replies soz i jsut keep thinking of things
    cheers Nato :P

  142. uTorrent is simply a better client than the base one – it’s simple and it works.

    For a dialup ~4kb/s is correct. I really wouldn’t be using bittorrent on a dialup – especially for a 1GB file. Someone has put the mod itself (without the AID stuff but with all you need for this tutorial) on sendspace so you can download it over http, which will probably be easier for you.

    The Xbox DVD drive can’t read burnt CDs (with some exceptions depending on which of the three drives you have and which CD dye it is), but can read burnt DVDs, at least DVD-Rs – once the mod’s gone through the Xbox will be able to boot them.

  143. umm ty so is it possible to burn games to xbox then burn games from xbox to dvd’s and use them ?
    cheers nato

  144. Hmm, the link works for me (on Firefox with Adblock Plus and filterset-G). Downloads a RAR file – use winrar to unzip.

    Note that it appears to be the version for Action Replay – if you own a gameshark/xploder instead, that won’t work. If so, please post and I should be able to get a link that works for that.

    With regard to your other question – yeah, you need to use the xbox to copy to the hard drive, FTP the game across to your PC and then burn it from there. There’s guides on how to do this easily googlable if you really want to, but I’ve never really seen the point.

  145. ummm so do u have to go through pc and if so is that through ata connection or can you just burn game to xbox then just use xbox again to burn to dvd… and wat is ftf? soz its prob nobby question
    cheers nato :P

  146. The Xbox can’t burn to DVD, but it can be connected to a network. Once you’ve modded the xbox, you can use FTP (the File Transfer Protocol) to access the hard drive from another machine on the xbox’s network – after connecting your PC to the xbox via a “crossover” Ethernet cable or a network switch/router. There’s a wide variety of Xbox information out there that’s only a google away.

    Using FTP to transfer XBMC to the xbox is described in my XBMC setup article – the same applies for anything else.

  147. kk cheers im still using bit torrent i just noticed im donloading V3.0 so ive started to download v4.0 its up to 53% on V3 on 0.1% for V 4
    cheers for your help you’ve been great and the best thing is you had very fast replies i hate waiting liek 10 days before someone gives an answer your committed good to see
    cheers nato :P

  148. Decided to get an old xbox and mod it to play my DivX’s on, I happened to find all the exact same bits that you have listed here.

    I’m just waiting on delivery of the X-Box itself now so I’ll post a video using the same kit you’ve used (except with more recent AID) when I mod mine in a few days.

  149. Great to hear – please do, it would be wonderful. I didn’t have a video-capable camera at the time I did my mod and besides youtubing the video really didn’t come to me.

  150. will-do, I’ve now got the X-Box, AID & XBMC, Original copy of Splinter Cell and Xploder Lite so I just need the memory card I e-bayed to arrive and I’ll crack on, I’ll try and get some vid of the un-modded dash now.

  151. Hey I just downloaded my AID and there is no folder for SID all it has is a crap load of unknown file types named
    xbhquaid4.r01 xbhquaid4.r02 xbhquaid4.r03
    xbhquaid4.r04 xbhquaid4.r05 etc up to xbhquaid4.r19 and then it goes xbhquaid4.svs and these file types are unkown

  152. GRRRRRRRRRRRR i jsut found out i have V1.6 and it apperantly doesnt work im so shitted and my usb connection dnt work im jsut gonna frigen try and by the ar stuff

  153. Can someone plz recommend (from experiece) a memory card and a way that works to softmod on a V1.6 model plz hurry im gonn akill you all if i dnt no soon!!!!
    cheers nato

  154. Collin: Yeah, that’s the 5960 dashboard.

    Nato: If you can’t get it new or from a local second-hand/game shop, ebay. There should be rather a lot of sellers selling official and/or Chinese clone Xbox memory cards – I got a Thrustmaster one – and at least in the UK Action Replay/Xploder/GameShark-type connection leads.

    My post contains instructions for Xploder/GameShark (which work the same way); Action Replay just requires you to drag the relevant .zip file into the AR application. Note that Action Replay’s software doesn’t actually need their dongle; if you’ve got one of those leads that allows you to connect your Xbox controller to a USB port you can just plug the card in the controller, plug the controller in your USB, point Windows’ driver detect to the Action Replay drivers and use their software. If you can’t get the dongle, at least Xbox->USB leads should be available.

  155. Soz i dnt understand the last bit are you saying that if i homebrew the usb0xbox controller i can just connect the xbox itself to it? and then use the ar????
    cheers nato >B)

  156. No – if you use the type of cable that allows you to connect an Xbox controller (which is where you stick the memory card) to a PC’s USB port, you can use Action Replay on the PC to write the softmod onto the memory card, plug the controller back in the Xbox and move on from there.

    (Action Replay’s software was actually supplied in the “PC Tools” that come with Auto-Installer Deluxe at least as of v3.0, so you don’t need to go scrabbling around Datel’s website.)

  157. I downloaded the latest AID (version 4), which had the SID version 5 with it, but there are no Game Shark compatible save games in this version, just .zip files,

    So if you’re using an Xploder you need to download an older version of AID (or download the individual .gsx saes form an older torrent).

  158. Ah, have they changed that? Damn.

    Look for Softmod Deluxe v4.5. It has .gsx files. If there’s demand, I’ll sendspace/whatever a .zip file of them.

  159. hey i got a question i just got my abox softmodded by hotswapping now that its done i have evox as a dashboard would it be safe to install UnleashX instead and how would i do it?

  160. Obtain the UnleashX dashboard from one of the usual sources (torrents, or google “xbins”). Read the instructions carefully and FTP it over as per.

    To be honest, there’s very little difference between the two for real use – I actually switched to using XBMC as my dashboard in the end, because that’s the main thing I use my xbox for. But it’s your choice.

  161. my friend has a modded xbox and i thought i could just copy it from his to mine but the 8mb memory card isn’t big enough to hold it… what should i do?

  162. I created my own USB memory card by opening the controller and adding a USB port where the memory card goes.

    This allows my USB stick to be a memory card.
    Cheaper than buying one!

    As soon as I insert my USB, it formats it in a retarded format. My computer cannot read this.

    I have ActionReplay on my computer but I can’t get it to work… I need the right driver. I can’t find a driver for it though.

    Where can i get a free copy of the Xploder software?

  163. The driver comes with Action Replay – you have to force it as the driver for your Xbox-formatted memory stick (it’s in a “drivers” directory within the Action Replay directory.) The driver also needs to be slightly modified so you can use it with a usb stick: there’s a guide on how to do it here.

    The Xploder software (branded GameShark) is supplied in the PC Tools that come with AID, along with Action Replay and Mega X-Key (the latter of which is also a contender for you). Xploder/GameShark will probably only work with actual memory cards connected using their device, though.

  164. Holy geez… I’m trying like hell to get past the softmodding here. Every time I install EvolutionX dashboard and then go to reset my xbox, it goes to an error screen saying that I need to call customer support. I have ftp access though, but there’s no response from my xbox on my TV anyway.

    Inquisitor, what can I do here?

  165. Hmm. I really have no idea – is it still booting games and other stuff (like the Auto-Installer Deluxe DVD) normally? If you can ftp, you can install a dashboard that way, but you’ll probably be best helped on the forum of the people who made AID, at xbox-hq.

  166. I have no problem to copy the Save Games to my Xbox (NTSC J) sold in Asia. But I have problem to load the original games in my Xbox since the games are used and sold in US and the message said “Invalid region format” when I put the original games into the tray. How can load the games and used the Save Game to softmod my Xbox (NTSC J)?

  167. You need to have a NTSC-J Splinter Cell/Mechassault/Agent Under Fire, basically. If you can boot that, you should hopefully be able to use the NTSC version of the saved games to break in.

    Once the Xbox is hacked, you should be able to load anything. Once again, however, I recommend asking elsewhere – I’m a purely PAL guy living in a PAL region and I remember that NTSC-J is very unusual.

  168. It sounds all three games (Splinter Cell/Mechassault/Agent Under Fire,) do not have NTSC versions or the games can not compatible in NTSC J Xbox(the list in Wikipedia). Do you have any idea either the other games may work or any other methods that can load the original games? (e.g. Are there any software methods boot the the NTSC J Xbox to reading normal NTSC disc then load the normal NTSC games?) . Thanks!

  169. You might have to get it chipped then – I honestly haven’t got an idea about this, I live in PAL world. You might want to ask over on xbox-hq or xbox-scene, but you probably want to find someone with an Xecutor 2 (or whatever the latest and greatest xbox modchip is) and soldering knowledge.

  170. OK….Mod went perfect! Trying to install XBMC as either app or dashboard, but the xbox keeps running out of room….Why am I out of room? There is nothing on the machine except the basic xbox stuff


  171. Make sure you’re installing to the ‘E’ drive rather than the ‘C’ drive – the ‘C’ drive should be the Xbox operating system only. The ‘E’ drive usually has at least 4-5GB free after softmodding.

  172. Thanks for the quick response…its wierd. I did place it in E/apps/xbox….but stops after awhile..I tried a couple different xbmc programs, all stop after 40% or so

  173. Hi, Can anyone tell me if this softmod will work on a 1.6 Crystal xbox? My xbox can see and format the usb key and I can copy the Splinter Cell save to the key from windows but when I plug the key back into the xbox it appears to be empty. Any ideas?

  174. My Xbox is a 1.6 black, so the mod should work perfectly well on a crystal – it is claimed to work on any xbox. The process for a usb key is:

    1. let the xbox format it (access the memory card, it complains, say yes to formatting), plug it in your PC.
    2. install Action Replay’s drivers over the USB mass storage device corresponding to the key in Device Manager (will probably require modifying the .inf file, there are instructions out there)
    3. use Action Replay’s software to transfer across the AR-formatted save file.
    4. once that’s done, make sure to roll back the driver to USB mass storage so you can use the key as a key again.

    Assuming you’re doing that, then… I have heard of problems with 1.6 xboxes and the USB key method, so you might just have to ebay a memory card and use a USB Xbox controller->PC or Xploder-type method to get it working (or try a smaller, different key). But it is worth a try.

  175. Thanks after a bit of playing around got it to take the saves from my standard usb key. Now I have xbmc installed do you know how I configure it to use the Xbox remote?


  176. It should be automatic – all you need is the DVD remote IR sensor plugged in one of the controller ports and then it should just be plug and play. Was for me anyway.

  177. Thanks Do you know how I can get the XBMC to load as the default dash? I’ve done a load of looking around but I don’t have e:\dash like most of the tutorials suggest?

  178. Now I have this all working I’d like to have a crack at upgrading the HD. Would you know of a good tutorial I could follow?

  179. As far as I know the life isn’t altered in any way, unless something goes wrong in the modding process. Note difficulties with Xbox Live exist no matter what you do, and so you have to be careful whatever solution you go for.

  180. As far as I know the life isn’t altered in any way, unless something goes wrong in the modding process. Note difficulties with Xbox Live exist no matter what you do, and so you have to be careful whatever solution you go for if you’re interested in XBL.

  181. inquisitor

    can you send me the SID45.NK.launcher gameshark version

    as iv been lookin for it for time now and cant find it and not download a 900M file just to find out its not in the file

    is so my email is jonboyz51 [at]

  182. ok i have screwed up here I did something and cant access my dashboard it has a 16 on the top left corner and in a whole bunch of different languages it says service required call customer support and it wont let me play anything such as games and things. It will do the same thing as the dashboard has can you help me fix this problem.

  183. Error 16 means that the Microsoft dashboard is missing and the Xbox can’t call it in order to set the internal clock, and as a result you’ll want to find people who can chip your Xbox in order to get it booting. A google on “xbox error 16” will find lots of stuff relating to it. You almost certainly need to get it hardware chipped to have any sort of proper recovery.

    I’m not big on soldering, and I don’t know anything about chipping as such; a friendly question on xbox-hq/xbox-scene might go a long way.

  184. I’m afraid I can’t help you with this – you need to find someone in your local area who’s done it before and has a decent source of Xbox mod chips. Again, use the forums on xbox-hq or xbox-scene. I am all-softmod and as a result don’t know very much about chipped Xboxes, so I’m afraid I can’t help you much further.

  185. You should get a mod chip. If you don’t know anything about soldering and have never fiddled with hardware before, you really must find someone to do it. Xbox-hq/xbox-scene/any other local mod-friendly Xbox forum should find you someone, or at least a postal service.

    Beyond this, I really cannot help, as I am almost certainly not in the same country as you and in any case am really poor at soldering and know nothing about chipping beyond that it exists.

  186. ok i have searched this and not much luck so if you know how to get an hdd from one xbox to another its either an hdd or a hard drive im not sure what to do

  187. It is possible to get a hard drive (hdd is simply initials – hard disk drive) – google xboxhdm. You also need a weird set of Torx-type screwdrivers in order to get in, but they’re generally available at hardware stores and any Xbox guide elsewhere should tell you what it needs. I have never had the need to open mine.

  188. so since i screwed up in this modding thing can i still mod my xbox? Also, will the xbox still last or do you think i will still be able to have this xbox for a couple more years?

  189. You’ll end up with a modded Xbox if it’s recovered anyway, since you need to chip it to be able to reset the clock and avoid your Error 16. Once you’ve recovered it, it should be fine.

    Find someone who can; even Craigslist can be useful if you’re desperate.

  190. i dont think i finished the modding my xbox thing 100%? but so are you saying that my xbox will be modded even though i didnt finish the modding tutorial? If it is not than can you send me the modding tutorial with action replay and splinter cell? And who is Craiglist?

  191. If you can’t boot any games, then you need to get the xbox chipped so you can reset the clock and reinstall the Microsoft dashboard, and so on. Once it’s chipped, this will be a hardware modification. If you can boot games, then you should be able to get the Microsoft dashboard reinstalled without the need for a hardware mod. Else, you need to find someone other than me on xbox-hq or xbox-scene or any mod-friendly Xbox forum.

    Action Replay+Splinter Cell is much the same as the stuff above, except using the Action Replay software to load the memory card. Action Replay .zip files are supplied in the AID download.

    Craigslist: Basically an online classified ad system. Useful for finding modders in your area.

    I really can’t help you any more on this, and I’m sorry.

  192. ok i dont know what happened i opened my xbox and i put in a different hdd and reset the internal clock but when i put mine back in or i use someone elses it just does not let me have my dashboard and i cant load any games still do you know what i should do?

  193. This maybe a little late but there is no need to chip your XBOX. The XBOX HDD is locked and can only be open with a unique key which your XBOX holds. The fix your machine you’ll need to do the hdd hotswap which means you have to open the xbox and place it near your pc, then you remove the data cable from the back of the DVDROM and power the xbox on. You can then attach the xbox hdd to your PC while stil powered on and run xboxhdm to re-install the dashboard. You will also need a copy of the xbox dashboard to add to xboxhdm.

    Do some search about hotswap and xboxhdm, I have done this many times to fix botched softmod installs.

  194. Hi there, i have softmodded a few xbox’s for people that dont want to go onto xbox live and just use them as a media server for their tv’s using XBMC, i’ve always used SID 4.5 NKnave to do the mod with splinter cell, i then FTP XBMC into the Apps folder and set it up as the main dashboard if needed, Mine i didnt need a live account with so it boots into XBMC, but will go into retail mode if i need to, although i can’t create an xbox live account as i upgraded the harddrive to 120gb. Today though i was asked if i can softmod a machine that has a live account on it, if i use SID 4.5 in Dual boot mode so that they can boot to retial mode, will that allow them to go on xbox live in retial mode? and XBMC in softmod mode, (i have no idea as i never had to deal with a live account before). Any advice would be great, if it wont work i’ll just tell them so and they will have to forgo liveplay on some of their games.

    Thanks in advance, Pappaken

  195. i have the everying but when i put cd for linux it goes to evultion x and when i look for back up eerom it does not have.

  196. I get through everything until I need to copy the files to my actual XBOX harddrive from the mem card. the only option it allows is “delete” any idea wtf this means?

  197. Hello, Great tutorial! Unfortunately I got a hold of the more recent AID, and only have a GameShark (Xploder) memory unit adapter. Would it be possible for you to send me the Splinter Cell NTSC .gsx file?
    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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