Swift deliveries

Just got my pre-ordered Venture Bros. season two DVD from Amazon US – which considering that it only came out last Monday and that I used ultra-cheapo delivery is pretty good going. Brilliant packaging, and once I’ve watched them all I may have more of an opinion, but season one was one of the best bits of TV comedy I’ve seen for a long time and it’s such a shame that it’s stuck on Bravo (otherwise The Breasts, Poker and Chuck Norris Channel) at 1AM.

Happily, however, I’ve got broadband and a multi-region DVD player and so don’t need to care at what time Britain airs it at – I can just download it and/or wait for the DVD (I got into the show too late for season two, but I’ll still be buying a Robot Chicken S2 DVD when it comes out mainly because of the fact I downloaded the lot.) There’s lots of great stuff out there that didn’t air in Britain that you’d otherwise be unable to obtain; being able to play Region 1 helps a lot, and I highly recommend it for any comedy fan disillusioned at the fact that Roman’s Empire and Catherine Tate may well actually be the best that BBC2 can come up with.

And some advice to all and sundry: avoid the Python TV releases (I particularly loathe the smug “no extras” captions that are on all the advertising – Sony obviously think that’s Pythonesque, but it bloody well isn’t) – there are apparently better ones coming down the pipeline, and if we’ve waited this long for Flying Circus we might as well wait for a version that’s worth £20 a series, because one without any extras or cut material at all is most definitely not. Especially since we know full well that the Pythons have lots of outtakes and other spare material – Terry Jones hoarded VHS copies of Flying Circus for years in the fear that it would be wiped like so much else, and this almost certainly applies to much other Python material as well. Just say no to cash-ins.


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