Telemarketers, scum of the earth

I’ve just been called for “market research” again and am frustrated to find out that the TPS complaints form requires you to find out the name and address of the scumbag who’s tried to call you (I have no doubt that if I actually trawled for such information, they’d hang up on me.) Since I hang up immediately on all such calls, I don’t have it – however, they did leave their number on 1471.

So, whatever firm of “market research” droids it is at 0870 220 9317 ignores the TPS. And is probably responsible for my silent calls and recorded message telespam too.

It’s nowhere on Google and I’m not going to call it (it’s the principle of the thing, I’m not paying call charges just to talk to them again and I recommend no-one else does the same), but if anyone on the ‘net has any more information about who owns this I would appreciate it greatly. There used to be a page somewhere listing 0870 numbers by the licensing operator; I can’t find it again, but if it’s still there it would be very useful for hunting these pricks down.


4 thoughts on “Telemarketers, scum of the earth

  1. Neither ICSTIS nor Magensys CodeLookup are able to identify the people behind the 0870 220 9317 number.

    All they can say is that this number is one provided by Opal Telecomms UK (who are a number re-seller).

    When we spoke to someone at 0870 220 9317 and told her we were TPS-registered, she promised that we would never be contacted again. Instead, we have been repeatedly subjected to silent calls.

    You should note:

    1) We complained to TPS. They said “we don’t investigate complaints”.

    2) We complained to ICSTIS. They said “our remit doesn’t cover 0870 numbers”.

    3) We complained to OFCOM. They asked us to provide as much detail of the complaint as possible. After we had done so, OFCOM then said:

    “We don’t investigate individual complaints.”

    4) We complained to The Office of The Information Commissioner. They said:

    “We don’t investigate silent calls.”

    Moral of the story:

    If you want to set up a scam operation, get an 0870 number because it isn’t policed.

    Then deliberately make as many silent calls as possible because so long as you don’t leave a message, that isn’t policed, either.

    Ignore the TPS because it’s toothless.

    Ignore OFCOM because it’s useless.

    Sit back and rake in the money from the 0870 revenue you derive from all the people who ring you to ask who you are and why you’re calling.

    Be careful, though, not to smoke inside the office from which you’re running this scam as that’s illegal and you’ll be in really serious trouble for that. . .

  2. Call the companies service provider – indicated by the last post as being Opal – free phone 0800 298 6725 and complain to them (ask for a manager every time!!). If you get another call from the marketing company, complain again to Opal……….and so on – it will only cost you a bit of time this way.

    Any decent (this is where a problem may arise) telephone service provider will contact their customer and ask their customer to stop contacting your number.

    The more you escalate this via Opal the more likely they will deal with it for you.

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