Bioshock: coming soon

The Bioshock demo is out. For the 360.

Unfortunately, I don’t own a 360. I have an original Xbox and a desktop PC; I mostly game on the desktop (I do play emulators and Burnout 3 on the Xbox, however). Happily it looks like there will be a PC demo; the 360 demo is getting a rapturous reception (no pun intended) from the gaming blogs.

I can hardly wait, actually; I’ve been waiting for a System Shock 2 follow-up for a long time and this is the best we’re going to get. Hopefully this time it might even catch on with the general public.

Edit: The Bioshock demo is now out for the PC, and the game is out in the States. Us Brits get it on Friday because games always come out on Friday. Regardless, the demo is marvellous and I highly recommend at least giving it a try (as long as you have a NVIDIA 6600+/ATI X1600+ card – it’s an Unreal 3.0 game and requires Shader Model 3.0). I highly recommend using a torrent instead of going through fileplanet et al, however, it’s 1.8GB and that’s way too big to be waiting in one of their POS advertorial queues for.

I’m hoping I can get a Collector’s Edition, actually.


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