Team Fortress 2 is…

…just as fun as all the promotional videos up until now have suggested, at least on my first play through 2fort.

I am, of course, completely inexperienced in multiplayer gaming: TF Classic, Counter-Strike and Unreal Tournament came out when I was still stuck on a 56K modem, a device completely unsuitable for TCP/IP based gaming, and as such I never got into the scene and all my FPS skills are trained towards the one-player experience. Now of course I have near-enough-20Mbit broadband, a high-end graphics card from two and a half years ago and spare time, all perfect breeding grounds for multiplayer gaming. And if you pre-order the Orange Box now off Steam (which unfortunately adds VAT so you get charged about £25 for it) you have TF2.

The design of TF2 is a masterstroke – they’ve taken big inspiration from Pixar and used cel-shading to create a game-specific reality. It uses exaggerated movements and expressions. This therefore differentiates it from all those over-realistic Battlefield-type games (which the original TF2, started before Half-Life 2 and then disappeared, was intending to be; Battlefield before Battlefield) and provides a unique gaming experience – a multiplayer team shooter that’s not afraid to be fun, whatever the consequences of that may be. It’s exhilarating.

So all this goes to say – if you spot me on a TF2 server and inevitably end up killing me, I will hopefully get better some day…


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