Pillocks on 606

Whose smart idea was it to put up 606 message boards on the Sol Campbell racism controversy without once, as far as I can see, actually describing what the hell happened anywhere visible? The only people to actually report what was being said are of all people the Daily Mail, and The Guardian has a description of the chant as used in 2006. It’s all way beyond the line – a combination of homophobia (aimed at a straight man!) and lynching references in a song based on “Lord of the Dance” and a jolly chant along the lines that he’s a black guy who likes it up him.

Usual stupidity here, but good to see it called out for once – Croatia only got fined £15,000 for full-on racist chanting at the England team, despite their long history of such things. Message boards on things like this are invariably filled with “anti-PC” bores, idiots and occasionally someone with sense. Sometimes it’s worth deconstructing, so what are the shining wits (sic) on 606 saying?

comment by sandcastlejim (U7681251) / posted Yesterday

it’s just a bit of banter – sticks and stones and all that. the world has gone soft.

Uh-huh. Sticks and stones may break your bones, but threatening a footballer with lynching and AIDS (not necessarily in that order) because he left your team on a Bosman seven years ago after saying he wouldn’t is perfectly A-OK. Got it. Right.

You are a moron, aren’t you?

comment by With Big Phil We Must (U7876572) / posted 8 Hours Ago

does anyone think that the media and football clubs are becoming a bit too Feminized ?

i mean football has always been like this maybe its deemed as racial but if a former club cant give an ex player stick then whats the point goin to a game ..its all about Banter a release from pressure of work/home going to a game its for fun and enjoyment
In this matter i think people are being too politically correct and as hard as it is for me to say i think Sours fans did nothing wrong …and nothing more abusive than most teams fans give to old players who left to join a hated rival

You wont be able to cheer a goal soon

Or at least I hope that you won’t. And it’s “feminised”, at least if you’re not American; it doesn’t have a capital and it doesn’t have a “z”.

And that’s a really poor insult, too. “The worst thing I can say about you… is that you’re like a girl! GIRL!”

comment by Deadly Ledley (U2941764) / posted 3 Hours Ago

the lord of the dance song isnt racist

if the player was prepared to sell out his own fans, he should be prepared to take the backlash. By responding like this, he has shown that he has a fragile mind and can’t handle the boo boys

Oh dear. This one’s a snide reference to the man’s depressive episode in early 2006. How low can you go?

Actually, why should I even bother? They’re really condemning themselves. The real pillocks here are the BBC for opening up a message board where no useful Internet discussion can ever be achieved (see also Have Your Say, scotsman.com and any long thread on Comment Is Free.) The others are just attracted to it.


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