My first blog spam!

On my oldest post to make sure I didn't see it; obvious spam sign.

Aw, such a shame it got caught in moderation (automatic moderation for first posters is on). But it's a rite of passage that all of us have to go through at some point, and I feel proud to be worthy of spammer slime.

Spam follows:

Have you ever been to 'you tube'? they let you host videos there and you can hotlink them on your blogs. it's really cool and you don't have to bandwidth on the videos, cause its free.

I have a policy of naming and shaming blog spammers, so…

  • Spammer is at [], owned by Beanfield Technologies
  • Attempts to joejob YouTube, the popular video sharing website; links to scumbag's YouTube profile, user name "newsmaniac", who appears to be related to the website Scumbag registered only five hours ago; suspicious or what?
  • Email address is supposedly "". Yeah right.

Since when did a naked news website need spamming? Even through a two-level scheme of user's URL to YouTube profile to pornsite? Oh, the world we live in.

I have crystallised my rule set into a simple comments policy, which can basically be summarised in one line: if you're not a spammer and you're not out to cause trouble, welcome.


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