One year of “The Hard Sell”

Today is the one-year anniversary of the point at which I decided to move to blog software that didn’t suck – in this case,

Am I glad I did so? Definitely. Here, my Xbox modding article has been read by a few thousand people, many of whom actually seem to be happy with it. And I don’t have to edit HTML manually anymore, which means I can post more; I haven’t posted as much as I really intended to over the year (my drafts list is proof of that) but at the very least I have managed over a hundred posts, which is much better than before. Some are even good.

So I’d like to thank everyone for reading, and add a list of highlights to come:

  • No ranting Nick Love post. People know that I don’t like him anyway, there seems to be no extra rioting in the streets and besides the reviews for Outlaw really have said it all.
  • Instead, more event live-blogging and culture reviews – I need to hone instant blogging skills anyway (and stop unintentional spoonerisms creeping in). Eurovision itself will be covered live, and I shall bring in more political content. I will be covering the Scottish elections from a “which-evil-should-I-vote-for” perspective.
  • More Xbox modding content as well – the remaining parts of my XBMC guide and a look at emulation.
  • The usual news story discoveries, and occasional PS3 bashing. But everyone expects that, don’t they? (Latest rumour: European PS3 won’t play NTSC games. If it’s true, Sony’s “region-free” stance is proven to be a total and utter lie, although that’s been pretty much proven already by their restrictions on playasia et al. Stay tuned! Thankfully, it’s not true: this probably resulted from someone trying games on a demo unit rather than the retail one. Even still, once you consider what they did to Lik-Sang and their restrictions on PlayAsia…)

So stay tuned – it’s all in progress. It just might take a little while for it to get out of there. In the meantime, there’s always my bookmarks – in which most of my one-liner blogging now takes place; right now, I’m off.


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