Error messages of our times: #1

iTunes error message

Today was the day of the iTunes Plus launch. It’s a silly name for a great idea – an easy to use, consumer designed music download service without the DRM hassle, downloading nice enough bitrate AAC files for decent enough prices (especially on certain box sets, the famous iTunes loophole). Sadly, it seems like they’ve underestimated demand somewhat. Currently the iTunes search engine is screwed, returning no results for queries where I know the artist in question is on the ITMS (like The Knife), but audio clips are playing perfectly fine if very slowly. And the service is cutting in and out with errors like the one to the right; I’ve never used ITMS before, but I doubt that’s normal.

It’s amazing what being customer centred can do for your potential audience, isn’t it?

Edit: Noticed a neat DRM-free bargain: Wire’s Pink Flag, Chairs Missing and 154 all-in for £10.99. Even though they’ve apparently confused the latter two, this is an absolute bargain compared to what these sell for in the shops.


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