Support Rachel North – find her stalker

Have you seen this woman? If so, call the cops.

Felicity Jane Lowde is a convicted cyberstalker on the run (old photo on the right). She’s been continually harassing, libelling, threatening and making false accusations against Rachel North, for no obvious reason. Backstory here and here. Anyway, she’s skipped bail and is somehow continuing her harassment campaign while on the loose (and possibly while living rough). If you regularly frequent cybercafes or libraries in the London or Oxford areas, you might see her.

If you do see her, please contact the police, do not approach. Useful telephone numbers follow:

  • Crimestoppers: 0800 555 111
  • Metropolitan Police: 020 7230 1212
  • City of London Police: 020 7601 2222 (within the Square Mile only)
  • Thames Valley Police (Oxford): 0845 8505 505

[Update 10.07.2007: Since FJL has now been found, I have removed her photograph. No need to look for her any more – let’s hope she gets the help she needs now. This post will remain as an archive.]


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